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Déjà Vu @Hotel Stage

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The Déjà Vu Collection: May 10 thru June 30

Filmmaker Monique Lai 賴 昱 蓉 creates a visual feast of the most traditional and yet bold culture of life in Hong Kong. Showcasing a fine eye for detail, the Déjà Vu Collection features images that highlight design and thought as simple gestures; and they are appreciated as a matter of fact. All were photographed in Kowloon City and features imagery in both black and white, and in colour. All titles are a Cantonese pronunciation of the image, a nod to the native language of the city.

In one of the works Lai depicts an abundance of cherries for sale. In “Chay Lay Gi”, the focus of the eye seems to instead move upward to land more heavily on the recycled cardboard. Lai says, “as this may be an oversight to many, the style of this handwriting is large as it is distinct. I love the fact this vendor took great care to label all her fruits in this manner and to re-use the basic material, cardboard. Viewing a group of labels in this manner, was as strong a message as any that these smallest of acts to recycle can make a difference.”

Born and raised in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Lai’s work has exhibited in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Provincetown, New York, and Beijing.

Installation design by Sharon While. Special thanks to Gordon Cheung at Zetter Picture Framer, and Hotel Stage. Muse is located at 1 Chi Wo Street, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong. For custom artwork and/or pricing enquiries:

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