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 #beautybymoniquelai  A few moments and fun highlights.  Look closely …


Premiere: The Beauty Within

‘The Beauty Within’ Exhibition at ArcLight Culver City.

Showing October 5 thru December 13, 2016


“The idea came to me to shoot in Asia in 2009. 7 years later, I am pleased to feature that part of the world

Metallic Prints

Pei Cho

Prints from the Déjà Vu collection are available @ Muse Art & Books, Hotel Stage.

Love from Hong Kong; these prints are meant to be easily individually framed and collected. Here shown are 3 of the 15



Muse Installation

Hotel Stage in Kowloon felt very special at first sight.  A home away from home, I was incredibly honoured to showcase this collection at MUSE.  

Déjà Vu @Hotel Stage

Visit #dejavubymoniquelai to view samples of other creative walls @Muse.



The Déjà Vu Collection: May 10 thru June 30

Filmmaker Monique Lai 賴 昱 蓉 creates a visual feast of the most traditional and yet bold culture of